Here are some common questions about Griffin Academy of Vallejo.

Why create a new charter school?

Here is a presentation that helps explain why we are creating Griffin Academy.

Where can I get more information?

  1. Email our registrar.
  2. Call us at (‪707) 641-2526

Where is Griffin Academy located?

425 Corcoran Avenue, Vallejo CA 94589.

How much does Griffin Academy cost?

Griffin Academy is free.

How do I enroll in Griffin Academy?

You can apply online to Griffin Academy on our website. Apply to Griffin Academy

Why should I consider Griffin Academy?

Griffin Academy will offer an engaging, rigorous and personalized academic curriculum, Summit Learning, that ensures students master and apply grade level content. In addition, Griffin students will engage in a social-emotional curriculum that builds skills allowing them to make good choices, maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults, become self-aware and ultimately become self-directed learners. Learn more.

How will Griffin Academy protect student privacy?

Griffin Academy is making every effort to protect student privacy. To learn more, read the this letter from Diane Tavenner, CEO of Summit Learning, entitled “Protecting Student Privacy in a Time of Uncertainty.” In addition, read this privacy article regarding the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.