Academic Advisor Contact:

Jason Xiong, [email protected]


Contra Costa College Resources:



GA HS College Class Sequence:


Future Topics:

  • College and Career Planning
  • College Applications
  • Staff college list- so students can talk to them about their school
  • HS Requirements
    • A-g Classes
    • Community Service
    • Internship
    • Senior Project


Office 365

CCC students have free access to Office 365. It is in their email (Outlook). They need to use their CCC username and password.

Students can access their e-mail through InSite Portal. InSite is accessible through  CCC main page:

There are also all sorts of orientation materials to CCC Canvas from CCC Student Services. Here is link to their website:

Three Templates for Emailing Your Professor

Scheduling a Meeting

Subject: Course name, number, and initials – Meeting About _____

Dear Professor (or however your professor address him/herself, i.e. Dr., first name, etc.) _____,

I hope all is well. I started working on my assignment for _____ and I just had a couple of questions to make sure that I am on the right track. I also wanted to ask a question about yesterday’s lesson on _____, as I was a little confused and I want to ensure that I fully understand the content for the test next week. I know on the syllabus you mentioned that you have available office hours at _____ but I am not able to make it. Will you be at your desk at _____ or _____.

Thank you,

Asking How to Improve Your Grade on an Assignment or Exam

Subject: Course name, number, and initials – Extra Support on _____

Dear Professor _____,

I hope all is well and that you enjoyed your weekend. I saw that you posted the grades for our last reports. I was a little surprised and discouraged by my grade.

I was wondering if you offer any extra credit opportunities, revisions or if you have any advice for me on how to improve on a future assignment. Are you available to meet _____ or _____ to discuss my report and a plan? Let me know what works for you.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Requesting an Extension

Subject: Course name, number, and initials – Extension on _____

Dear Professor _____,

I hope all is well. I have been extremely busy and stressed with assignments in other classes and with _____ (sports practice, on-campus job, other commitment, health condition, etc.). I do not think that I will be able to submit my best work to you with all of the other tasks on my agenda. I was wondering if you would consider granting me an extension on our upcoming project/paper and submit it by ______?

Thank you,